Preserved in Time

August 31st – September 16th

The still life is a genre with a long history-at least as far back in Egypt as the 15th century, BCE. Collections of still life paintings exist in most artists' repertoires. Here are five artists who have selected subject matter, observed in place or constructed, that allows them to present qualities-color, light, form, texture, juxtaposition, fragility, permanence- that are important to them. Their motivation emanates from their desires to have others see as they do. They portray common subject matter in such a way as to invite the viewer to share the transformation of the everyday object to a higher plane that lends new understandings to both the artist and the

Opening Reception

Saturday, August 31st, 5:30pm – 8pm

Please join us for our 3rd show of the season, “Preserved in Time”. On exhibition are the Still Life paintings of five artists-Rita Baragona, William Barnes, Colleen Franca, Robert Franca and Ginger Levant.


Featured Work

Barnes Still Life with Conch Shell



R. Franca


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Kathleen Semergieff
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